North Walls Kirk,Lyness, Hoy


the Garage 6.80 m by 4.8 m

The garage is a structure which was completely rebuilt in 2004 out of timber frame, ply and shiplap cladding. There are two sets of entrance doors and the building could accommodate two cars. At the moment it is used as a general workshop and there is a connecting door to the adjacent hut. The roof is of ply, has two opening lights and is covered with two layers of  torch-on felt. There is a sink with running water and a toilet with sliding door - both of these are correctly plumbed to the septic tank. Other facilities include several power points and flourescent lighting as well as a telephone point. The floor is concrete and there is a multi fuel pot belly stove which is more than adequate in keeping the place warm.

At its lowest point the roof is 2.4 m high so there is considerable storage space in the rafters.

the Hut 4.70 m by 4.40 m

This building has an uncertain but an interesting history. It is made from hardwood - oak or teak and its construction suggests it had a maritime connection. Before it was on this site it was used as a garage for the neighbouring school. The solidness of its construction causes us to think it has an industrial connection and was transportable - possibly it was used in reclaiming the German fleet.

It now has a door facing on to the road and had running water and a sink when we used it as our site office during the kirk's conversion. It has electrical power points, lighting and a pot belly stove which can quickly warm the place. We found it comfortable enough to sleep in and it can easily lend itself to being used as temporary accommodation.

The roof contains an opening light and is covered with a double layer of torch-on felt. The floor is of stone flags and insulated.