North Walls Kirk,Lyness, Hoy


Outside the kirk

The west end of the kirk has a porch with two wide doors and the original iron guttering has been retained.

On the south side there is a lean-to wooden fuel store which supports water filled solar panels.

On the eastern side is a concrete apron with stone flags and a low wall from which a set of flag steps leads to the parking area.  the door on this side has a knocker which is a small replica of the one at Durham Cathedral.

At the west end of the building is a bell tower which carries an interesting story. When the Geman fleet was raised by Cox and Danks the church was gifted the iron bell from the ship SMS Kaiser and this belfry  was built to accommodate this - the bell was sold off some years ago and we are keen to find out where it is now.

Across the road is the Gable End Theatre.

East Gable and shed 2015

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