North Walls Kirk,Lyness, Hoy


At the east end of the attic room are two small walk-in cupboards which are related to the heating system in the Kirk. One contains the transfer tank bringing water from the solar panels fitted above the lean-to fuel store outside the building. Water from this tank is transferred to a secondary tank in the cupboard on the other side of the room to preheat water used for hot water in the hot cylinder. In summer time we can get a tank of water up to around 35 degrees from solar energy - this is free energy. Alternatively, water from the first transfer tank can be pumped around a loop which goes under the floor of the hall and this aids heating and air circulation in the building generally

Shower room 2.64 m by 1.2 m

The shower room is accessed by a door which is disguised as a bookcase - this is a whimsical addition. In this room is a tiled shower unit with sliding doors, a toilet and a wash basin. The shower is electrical and is programmable so that each user can choose a shower which is immdiately to their own preference. The floor is of wood and the ceiling is the original timber cladding. Lighting is from downlighters and the mirror has its own lighting. There is a towel radiator with thermostat.

This room has its own timed extractor fan.

Attic room 15 m by 5.60 m

The Attic room is accessed by a staircase next to the shower room and there are double hatch doors so this area can be shut off. This room was originally designated for storage, but we have seen fit to improve the room with a primary intention of increasing the amount of insulation in the roof in a comprehensive way. The floor contains 7 inches of wool insulation and has a 1.25 inch pine covering. The walls and ceiling are currently being lined with insulation  and plasterboard. There are four opening skylights in the roof which is of slate over sarking board - this makes for better sound insulation. At the west end is the upper section of the large gothic arched window (which is double glazed) and at the east end is a window with a means-of-access opening which allows for emergency exit.

This area has lighting and electrical power points and extends the whole length of the building although the efefctive width is moderated by the slope of the roof.

This room is not available to guests.