North Walls Kirk,Lyness, Hoy


Bedroom 1  4.38m by 3.75 m

This room has two large gothic arch windows which are double glazed and one has an opening sash. Both have hanging drapes to accentuate their form.

Floor and ceiling are of  stained wood and the floor boarding was originally in the neighbouring school building and is from 4 inch by 1.25 inch timbers.

The door was made with gothic  arch decoration to complement the windows and there is another door interconnecting  with the other bedroom.

There is a radiator fitted with a thermostat.

Lighting is provided by hanging ceiling and wall units.

There are also  telephone and TV points.

Bedroom 2  4.38m by 3.37m

This room has a single large gothic arched window which is double glazed and with an opening sash. There are light hanging drapes.

Floor and ceiling are from stained wood and original decorative mouldings are preserved here.

There is a single iron radiator with thermostatic control.

Lighting is from hanging ceiling and wall units.

There is provision for  TV and telephone points.

In one corner are fitted bookshelves and in another a niche alcove with gothic arch. Beneath the attic stairs in the bedroom is a deep storage area.